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Association between local airborne tree pollen composition and surrounding land cover across different spatial scales in Northern Belgium

wetlands were sources of Alnus and Quercus pollen. Salix, Populus and Betula pollen were also mainly associated to wetlands. The landscape context drives the airborne tree pollen composition at a meso-scale ...

Field evaluation of willow under short rotation coppice for phytomanagement of metal-polluted agricultural soils.

Vangronsveld, Jaco Source: Int J Phytoremediation, Volume 15, Issue 7 (2013) Keywords: Agriculture Belgium Biodegradation, Environmental Biomass Cadmium Plant Leaves Plant Stems Populus Rotation Salix Soil Soil ...

Short rotation coppice culture of willows and poplars as energy crops on metal contaminated agricultural soils.

Crops, Agricultural Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Metals, Heavy Plant Components, Aerial Plant Leaves Plant Shoots Populus Renewable Energy Salix Soil Soil Pollutants Abstract: Phytoremediation, more ...

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