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Preparing cDNA Libraries from Lytic Phage-Infected Cells for Whole Transcriptome Analysis by RNA-Seq.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Blasdel, Bob; Pieter-Jan Ceyssens; Lavigne, Rob Source: Methods Mol Biol, Volume 1681, Issue 1681, Number 1941 (2018) Keywords: Bacteriophage RNA-seq Abstract: Whole genome wide analysis of trans ...

A novel genotoxin-specific qPCR array based on the metabolically competent human HepaRG™ cell line as a rapid and reliable tool for improved in vitro hazard assessment

approaches, we have developed an upgraded, innovative, and proprietary gene classifier. This gene classifier is based on transcriptomic changes induced by 12 genotoxic and 12 non-genotoxic reference compounds ...

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