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Accuracy profiles assessing the validity for routine use of high-performance thin-layer chromatographic assays for drug formulations

validity Abstract: The accuracy profile, based on total error, integrates several validation parameters, such as trueness, precision and linearity, providing one statistic which enables decision on the ...

A validated Ultra High Pressure Liquid Chromatographic method for the characterisation of confiscated illegal slimming products containing anorexics.

ammonium acetate buffer pH 5.0 as aqueous phase and acetonitrile as organic modifier. The obtained method was fully validated based on its measurement uncertainty (accuracy profile). Calibration lines for ...

A Simultaneous D-Optimal Designed Study for Population Pharmacokinetic Analyses of Mycophenolic Acid and Tacrolimus Early After Renal Transplantation86

accuracy and to explain their variability by means of patients’ demographics, biochemical test results, and physiological characteristics. Pharmacokinetic profiles of MPA and TAC were obtained from 65 stable ...

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