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Defining a European diabetes data dictionary for clinical audit and healthcare delivery: core standards of the EUBIROD project

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Cunningham, S.G.; Carinci, F.; Brillante, M.; Leese, G.; McAlpine, R.; Azzopardi, J.; Beck, P.; Bratina, N.; Boucquet, V.; Kris Doggen; Jarosz-Chobot, P.; Jecht, M.; Lindblad, U.; Moulton, T.; Me ...

Implementation of a quality improvement initiative in Belgian diabetic foot clinics: feasibility and initial results.

Neuropathies feedback Female Foot Ulcer Humans Male Medical Audit middle aged Pilot Projects quality improvement Surveys and Questionnaires Abstract: BACKGROUND: This article aims to describe the implementation ...

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