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Follow-up of the Schmallenberg Virus Seroprevalence in Belgian Cattle.

2012. On the other hand, age-cohort-specific seroprevalence stayed stable from 1 year to the other. During winter 2012-2013, calves between 6 and 12 months had a seroprevalence of 20.59% (95% CI: ...

Prediction of respiratory disease and diarrhea in veal calves based on immunoglobulin levels and the serostatus for respiratory pathogens measured at arrival.

p.169-76 (2015) Keywords: Animals Bacterial Physiological Phenomena Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex Cattle Cattle Diseases Cohort Studies Diarrhea Electrophoresis Immunoglobulins Prospective Studies ...

Q fever in Woolsorters, Belgium.

Henkinbrant, Jean-Marie; Van Hessche, Mieke; David Fretin Source: Emerg Infect Dis, Volume 17, Issue 12, p.2368-9 (2011) Keywords: Animals Antibodies, Bacterial Belgium Cohort Studies Communicable Diseases, ...

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