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Variability of iodine concentrations in the human placenta.

ENVIRONAGE birth cohort, took samples at three standardized locations of the placentas, pooled and digested them, and determined the iodine concentrations using an ICP- MS method as an alternative for the ...

Protocol of the PSYCHOTSH study: association between neonatal thyroid stimulating hormone concentration and intellectual, psychomotor and psychosocial development at 4-5 year of age: a retrospective cohort study.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Trumpff, Caroline; Vanderfaeillie, Johan; Vercruysse, Nathalie; De Schepper, Jean; Jean Tafforeau; Herman Van Oyen; Stefanie Vandevijvere Source: Arch Public Health, Volume 72, Issue 1, p.27 (201 ...

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