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Identification of flavouring substances of genotoxic concern present in e-cigarette refills

Rogiers, Vera; Eric Deconinck; Vanhaecke, Tamara Source: Food and Chemical Toxicology, Volume 147, Issue 111864 (2020) Keywords: (Q)SAR methodologies e-cigarettes genotoxicity mutagenicity Abstract: ...

Advanced Methods for Dose and Regimen Finding During Drug Development: Summary of the EMA/EFPIA Workshop on Dose Finding (London 4-5 December 2014).

the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries Association (EFPIA) hosted a multistakeholder workshop on dose finding (London 4-5 December 2014). Some methodologies that could constitute a toolkit ...

Development and validation of a HS/GC-MS method for the simultaneous analysis of diacetyl and acetylpropionyl in electronic cigarette refills

method methodology methods ON profile public public health Public-health Quality Quality Control Quantification SAFETY Sample Samples SCREENING study tobacco toxicity Toxicology use VALIDATION Abstract: ...

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