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Hoge Gezondheidsraad. Vegetarische voeding Brussel: HGR; 2021. Advies nr. 9445

infants, children, pregnant woman, nursing mothers and seniors with specific recommendations that allow them to avoid nutritional deficiencies or toxic risks related to their food choices. Versie gevalideerd ...

Hair mercury and urinary cadmium levels in Belgian children and their mothers within the framework of the COPHES/DEMOCOPHES projects.

in children and their mothers in order to obtain European-wide comparison values on these chemicals. The Belgian participant population consisted in 129 school children (6-11 years) and their mothers ...

Determinants of persistent organic pollutant (POP) concentrations in human breast milk of a cross-sectional sample of primiparous mothers in Belgium

characteristics that determined POP concentrations in breast milk of primiparous mothers in Belgium. Methods: Breast milk samples were obtained from a cross-sectional sample of 206 primiparous mothers in 2014. POP ...

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