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Semi‐quantitative risk assessment by expert elicitation of potential introduction routes of African swine fever from wild reservoir to domestic pig industry and subsequent spread during the Belgian outbreak (2018–2019)

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Mauroy, Axel; Depoorter, Pieter; Saegerman, Claude; Cay, Brigitte; De Regge, Nick; Filippitzi, Maria‐Eleni; Fischer, Claude; Laitat, Martine; Maes, Dominiek; Morelle, Kevin; Nauwynck, Hans; Simon ...

Putative Role of Arthropod Vectors in African Swine Fever Virus Transmission in Relation to Their Bio-Ecological Properties.

indirect transmission through contaminated material or feed. However, the seasonality of the disease in some pig farms in Baltic countries, including outbreaks in farms with high biosecurity levels, have led ...

Evaluation of seven commercial African swine fever virus detection kits and three Taq polymerases on 300 well-characterized field samples.

outbreak. This study confirms that all commercial kits and two Taq polymerases are suitable for ASFV detection in diagnostic laboratories. Furthermore, the use of endogenous controls is emphasized when ...

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