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Prevalence of drug use during sex amongst MSM in Europe: Results from a multi-site bio-behavioural survey.

Multivariable multi-level logistic random-intercept model (random effect of study site) was estimated to identify factors associated with the use of alcohol, cannabis, party drugs, sexual performance enhancement ...

International mobility, sexual behaviour and HIV-related characteristics of men who have sex with men residing in Belgium.

collection and who reported having had sexual contact abroad in the last 12 months. Descriptive and bivariate analyses were performed. Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were calculated by means of ...

Assessment of the Roche Linear Array HPV Genotyping Test within the VALGENT framework.

screening to high-risk (hr) HPV testing. Only clinically validated tests should be used in clinical practice. OBJECTIVES: To assess the clinical performance of the Roche Linear Array HPV genotyping test ...

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