My future colleagues

More than 700 employees actively work to contribute to our motto : 'Healthy all life long'!

  • More than half of them are scientists. They carry out scientific studies, identify and assess health-related risks, carry out expert and support work, develop and validate new scientific methods and techniques, and valorise the results of their research.
  • Approximately, one quarter of them are laboratory assistants. They primarily perform laboratory analyses and provide research support.
  • The other employees support the scientific activities through their work in finance, human resources, IT, etc.

Sciensano, many different people!

Our employees…

  • are young and experienced professionals working together to achieve a common objective: contributing to our motto: 'Healthy all life long'! 
  • have varied academic backgrounds and professional career paths. Our scientists, have different academic backgrounds: doctors, biologists, bio-engineers, masters in bio-medical sciences, pharmacists, etc.
  • work in interdisciplinary teams
  • are Belgian, European or originating from other countries, such as the United States and China
  • work under various working arrangements (students, scholarship holders, employed by the Belgian state or the legal personality of Sciensano) and contracts (first employment, fixed-term, permanent, etc.)
  • speak French and/or Dutch. Our bilingual working environment means that those who wish can improve their knowledge of the other national language. For scientists, English is also a working language

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Because a work experience should be unique!

Welcoming and integrating you are key elements for a good start

Sciensano connects, health, science and society

You have not yet graduated and are interested in the field of public and/or animal health?

Each year Sciensano welcomes many interns in its scientific departments and laboratories, but also in its support functions. 

These internships and/or dissertations are carried out with a view to preparing a diploma or certification and must be integrated into a training programme. Therefore, these collaborations with Sciensano are subject to a tripartite training agreement between the trainee, the educational institution, and Sciensano.

Sciensano, a diversity of people

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