CCR2(+)CD103(-) intestinal dendritic cells develop from DC-committed precursors and induce interleukin-17 production by T cells.

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The identification of intestinal macrophages (mφs) and dendritic cells (DCs) is a matter of intense debate. Although CD103(+) mononuclear phagocytes (MPs) appear to be genuine DCs, the nature and origins of CD103(-) MPs remain controversial. We show here that intestinal CD103(-)CD11b(+) MPs can be separated clearly into DCs and mφs based on phenotype, gene profile, and kinetics. CD64(-)CD103(-)CD11b(+) MPs are classical DCs, being derived from Flt3 ligand-dependent, DC-committed precursors, not Ly6C(hi) monocytes. Surprisingly, a significant proportion of these CD103(-)CD11b(+) DCs express …

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