Detection of Plasmid-Mediated Colistin Resistance, mcr-1 and mcr-2 Genes, in Salmonella spp. Isolated from Food at Retail in Belgium from 2012 to 2015.

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A collection of 105 colistin-resistant Salmonella isolates collected from 2012 to 2015 in the national surveillance program in Belgium was screened by PCR for the presence of genes mcr-1 and mcr-2. Of these, 1.90% (2/105) and 0.95% (1/105) tested positive for mcr-1 and mcr-2, respectively. The presence of the mcr-1 or mcr-2 determinant has been confirmed by whole genome sequencing and allowed the localization of these two genes on IncX4 type plasmids. We report here the presence of mcr-1 and the first mcr-2 gene in Salmonella ever isolated in the Belgian food chain. Although present at reta…

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