Follow-up of the Bacillus cereus emetic toxin production in penne pasta under household conditions using liquid chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry.

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Two outbreak-related Bacillus cereus emetic strains were investigated for their growth and cereulide production potential in penne pasta at 4, 8 and 25 °C during 7-day storage. Cereulide production was detected and quantified by LC-MS method (LOD of 1 ng/ml, LOQ of 5 ng/ml) and growth was determined by culture-based enumeration. Inoculated B. cereus strains (10(5) CFU/g) were able to reach counts of more than 10(8) CFU/g and cereulide production of about 500 ng/g already after 3 days of storage at 25 °C. Interestingly, a constant increase of the toxin was noticed during incubation at ambien…

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