Surveillance of Bloodstream Infections in Belgian Hospitals - Annual report 2023 , Data up to and including 2022

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These 2022 results of the National Surveillance of Bloodstream Infections (NSIH-SEP) show a hospital-associated bloodstream infection (HABSI) cumulative incidence of 5.4 patients with HABSI per 1,000 hospitalisations, and a HABSI incidence density of 9.2 episodes per 10,000 patient-days (pd). Incidence of Central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) in 2022 was 2.4 episodes per 10,000 pd. Generally, hospital-wide incidences of HABSI show decreasing trends since 2020, however their 2022 results remain higher as compared to pre-COVID19 levels (2019 and before). ICU-associated BSI

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