Susceptibility of Gardnerella vaginalis to thiamphenicol: clinical experience with nonspecific vaginitis

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We compared the in-vitro activity of thiamphenicol against 100 strains of Gardnerella vaginalis with the activity of 11 other antimicrobial agents. The MICs for thiamphenicol ranged from 0.39 micrograms/ml to 6.25 micrograms/ml. The concentration at which 50% of strains were inhibited (MIC50) was 1.96 micrograms/ml, and the concentration at which 90% of strains were inhibited (MIC90) was 3.93 micrograms/ml. All strains were very susceptible to erythromycin, chloramphenicol, beta-lactam antibiotics, and clindamycin. Tetracycline and metronidazole were only moderately active. In an attempt to…

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