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Cut flowers contaminated by pesticide residues: what is the risk for florists?, K., Toumi, Joly Laure, Vleminckx Christiane, and B. Schiffers , 2019, (2019)
Determination of endocrine disrupting compounds in human placenta by UPLCESI-MS/MS, Van Overmeire, Ilse, Vrijens K., Nawrot T., Vleminckx Christiane, Van Loco Joris, and T Reyns , 11th International Symposium on Biological Monitoring in Occupational and Environmental Health (ISBM-11), 2019 aug 1, (2019)
Evaluation of the health risks related to the presence of cyanogenic glycosides in foods other than raw apricot kernels, Dieter, Schrenk, Margherita Bignami, Laurent Bodin, Kevin Chipman, James, J. del Mazo, Bettina Grasl‐Kraupp, Christer Hogstrand, Ron) Hoogenboom, Laurentius, JC Leblanc, Stefano Nebbia, Carlo, et al. , EFSA Journal, 2019 april 11, Volume 17, Issue 4, (2019)
Exposure of workers to pesticide residues during re-entry activities: A review, Toumi, Khaoula, Joly Laure, Vleminckx Christiane, and Schiffers Bruno , Human and Ecological Risk Assessment: An International Journal, 12 jan 2019, Volume 25, Issue 8, Number 2215, (2019)
Monitoring of possible health effects of living in the vicinity of nuclear sites in Belgium II Part B: childhood leukemia incidence, Demoury, Claire, Faes Christel, Carbonnelle Sylviane, De Schutter Harlinde, Francart J., Van Damme Nancy, Van Bladel Lodewijk, Vleminckx Christiane, and De Clercq Eva M. , 2019, (2019)
Monitoring Of Possible Health Effects Of Living In The Vicinity Of Nuclear Sites In Belgium II Part A Thyroid Cancer Incidence : Summary, Demoury, Claire, De Schutter Harlinde, Faes Christel, Carbonnelle Sylviane, Van Damme Nancy, Van Bladel Lodewijk, and Vleminckx Christiane , 7/03/2019, Brussels, Belgium, p.39, (2019)
Scientific opinion on the risk for animal and human health related to the presence of chlorinated paraffins in feed and food, Schrenk, D., Bignami M., Bodin L., Chipman JK., del Mazo J., Grasl-Kraupp B, Hogstrand C., Hoogenboom LR., Leblanc JC., Nebbia CS., et al. , EFSA Panel, Public consultation, 2019 june 8, (2019)
Scientific opinion on the risks for animal and human health related to the presence of quinolizidine alkaloids in feed and food, in particular in lupins and lupin‐derived products, Dieter, Schrenk,