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Screening of endocrine activity of compounds migrating from plastic baby bottles using a multi-receptor panel of in vitro bioassays.

Demaegdt; Mertens, Birgit; Karine Vandermeiren; Scippo, Marie-Louise; Elskens, Marc Source: Toxicol In Vitro, Volume 37, p.121-133 (2016) Keywords: Animals Biological Assay Bottle Feeding Cell Line Cell Line, ...

Evaluation of the potential health risks of substances migrating from polycarbonate replacement baby bottles.

Heidi Demaegdt; Karine Vandermeiren; Covaci, Adrian; Scippo, Marie-Louise; Elskens, Marc; Van Loco, Joris Source: Food Chem Toxicol, Volume 97, p.108-119 (2016) Keywords: Air Pollutants, Occupational ...

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