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Redesigning the serological surveillance program for notifiable avian influenza in Belgian professional poultry holdings.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Sarah Welby; Thierry van den Berg; Sylvie Marché; Houdart, Philippe; Hooyberghs, Jozef; Mintiens, Koen Source: Avian Dis, Volume 54, Issue ...

Identification of risk factors for the prevalence and persistence of Salmonella in Belgian broiler chicken flocks.

Jozef; Méroc, Estelle; Mintiens, Koen Source: Prev Vet Med, Volume 90, Issue 3-4, p.211-22 (2009) Keywords: Animal Husbandry Animals Belgium Chickens Poultry Diseases prevalence Risk Factors Salmonella ...

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