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Activity-Based Detection and Bioanalytical Confirmation of a Fatal Carfentanil Intoxication.

norcarfentanil. It should be noted that carfentanil concentrations are typically in pg/mL, but here they were 92 ng/mL in blood, 2.8 ng/mL in urine, and 23 ng/mL in vitreous. The blood and vitreous contained 0.532 ...

Medical Emergencies Related to Ethanol and Illicit Drugs at an Annual, Nocturnal, Indoor, Electronic Dance Music Event

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Calle, Paul; Sundahl, Nora; Maudens, K; Wille, Sarah MR; Van Sassenbroeck, Diederik; De Graeve, Koen; Gogaert, Stefan; De Paepe, Peter; ...

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