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Scientific Opinion on the assessment of the control measures of the category A diseases of Animal Health Law: African Horse Sickness

Antoniou; Alessandro Broglia; Yves Van der Stede; Zancanaro, Gabriele; Aznar, Inma Source: EFSA Journal, Volume 19, Issue 2 (2021) Keywords: African Horse Sickness Equidae Keywords:Disease control measures ...

Study of the virulence of serotypes 4 and 9 of African horse sickness virus in IFNAR(-/-), Balb/C and 129 Sv/Ev mice.

Brigitte Cay; Saegerman, Claude; Thiry, Etienne Source: Vet Microbiol, Volume 174, Issue 3-4, p.322-332 (2014) Keywords: African Horse Sickness African Horse Sickness Virus Animals Female Horses ...

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