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benzaldehyde compounds

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Evaluation of the potential health risks of substances migrating from polycarbonate replacement baby bottles.

Benzhydryl Compounds Bottle Feeding Endocrine disruptors Food Contamination Humans Infant Phenols Plasticizers plastics Polycarboxylate Cement Polymers Risk Assessment Abstract: Since the European Commission ...

Investigation of the genotoxicity of substances migrating from polycarbonate replacement baby bottles to identify chemicals of high concern.

Van Hoeck; Joris Van Loco; Karine Vandermeiren; Covaci, Adrian; Scippo, Marie-Louise; Elskens, Marc; Luc Verschaeve Source: Food Chem Toxicol, Volume 89, Number 137, p.126-37 (2016) Keywords: Benzhydryl ...

The European COPHES/DEMOCOPHES project: towards transnational comparability and reliability of human biomonitoring results.

Environ Health, Volume 217, Issue 6, p.653-61 (2014) Keywords: Adult Benzhydryl Compounds Biomarkers Cadmium Child cotinine Creatinine environmental exposure Environmental Monitoring Environmental ...

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