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Generation and Characterization of Six Recombinant Botulinum Neurotoxins as Reference Material to Serve in an International Proficiency Test.

Andreas Source: Toxins (Basel), Volume 7, Issue 12, p.5035-54 (2015) Keywords: Animals Botulinum Toxins Female Laboratory Proficiency Testing Lethal Dose 50 mice Neurotoxins Phrenic Nerve Recombinant ...

Detection of C. botulinum neurotoxins A and B in milk by ELISA and immuno-PCR at higher sensitivity than mouse bio-assay.36466

Volume 5, Issue 3, Number 326, p.319- 326 (2012) Keywords: a alternative an antibodies Antibody AS at Clostridium Clostridium botulinum detection Limit of Detection milk PCR SENSITIVITY STANDARD System ...

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