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Defining a European diabetes data dictionary for clinical audit and healthcare delivery: core standards of the EUBIROD project

Jarosz-Chobot,P.; Jecht,M.; Lindblad,U.; Moulton,T.; Metelko,Z.; Nagy,A.; Olympios,G.; Pruna,S.; Skeie,S.; Storms,F.; Di Iorio,C.T.; Massi,Benedetti M. Source: Methods of Information in Medicine, Volume 55, Issue 2, ...

Core Standards of the EUBIROD Project. Defining a European Diabetes Data Dictionary for Clinical Audit and Healthcare Delivery.

Jarosz-Chobot, P K; Jecht, M; Lindblad, U; Moulton, T; Metelko, Ž; Nagy, A; Olympios, G; Pruna, S; Skeie, S; Storms, F; Di Iorio, C T; Massi Benedetti, M Source: Methods Inf Med, Volume 55, Issue 2, p.166-76 ...

Cross-border flow of health information: is 'privacy by design' enough? Privacy performance assessment in EUBIROD

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Di Iorio,C.T.; Carinci,F.; Brillante,M.; Azzopardi,J.; Beck,P.; Bratina,N.; Cunningham,S.G.; De Beaufort,C.; Debacker,N.; ...

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