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Vers un monitoring des facteurs de risque d'émergence des maladies animales?

Niko Speybroeck; Etienne, Thiry Source: Épidémiol. et santé anim., Volume 66, Number 18 (2014) Keywords: Emergence Infectious animal disease Ranking Risk factor Abstract: Introduction: Emerging animal ...

Bluetongue, Schmallenberg- what is next? Culicoides-borne viral diseases in the 21st Century.

Marianne M; Takken, Willem; Werner, Doreen; Seelig, Frederik Source: BMC Vet Res, Volume 10 (2014) Keywords: Animals Bluetongue Bluetongue virus Bunyaviridae Infections Cattle Cattle Diseases Ceratopogonidae ...

Capsid proteins from field strains of foot-and-mouth disease virus confer a pathogenic phenotype in cattle on an attenuated, cell-culture-adapted virus

Virology, Volume 92, Issue 5, Number 1151 (2011) Abstract: Chimeric foot-and-mouth disease viruses (FMDV s) have been generated from plasmids containing full-length FMDV cDNAs and characterized. The parental ...

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