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hemolysis protein

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Engineering a nanopore with co-chaperonin function.

alpha hemolysin nanopore to function as GroES, a protein that, in complex with GroEL, forms a two-stroke protein-folding nanomachine. The transmembrane co-chaperonin was prepared by recombination of GroES ...

Detection and characterization of verotoxigenic Escherichia coli by a VTEC/EHEC multiplex PCR in porcine faeces and pig carcass swabs36718

Escherichia coli O157 Escherichia coli Proteins Feces Fraction gene Genes genetics Hemolysin Proteins Human Humans im IS isolation & purification journal metabolism method methods microbiology multiplex PCR ...

Prevalence of Salmonella, Campylobacter and VTEC on pig farms36696

gene Group Hemolysin Proteins im IS isolation & purification journal london methods microbiology ON PCR Pig Pigs polymerase chain reaction present prevalence Print protein Proteins Quality ...

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