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Attenuation of bovine leukemia virus by deletion of R3 and G4 open reading frames.

Issue 24, p.11532-6 (1994) Keywords: Animals Base Sequence DNA Primers Gene Expression Regulation, Viral Genes, Viral Leukemia Virus, Bovine Molecular Sequence Data Proviruses Retroviridae Proteins RNA, ...

Experimental transmission of enzootic bovine leukosis to cattle, sheep and goats: infectious doses of blood and incubation period of the disease.

Viral Cattle Goats Leukemia Virus, Bovine Leukemia, Experimental Leukocytosis Retroviridae Sheep Abstract: A group of 49 BLV-free recipient animals (24 cattle, 15 sheep and 10 goats) were inoculated ...

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