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Bepaling van spoorelementen in diverse matrices met spectrometische technieken.

has shown that Ti nanoparticles are contained in the fibers. Conclusion Only low concentrations of trace elements were found in most of the food enzyme preparations studied. The information collected ...

Physicochemical characterization of nanoparticles with TEM in a regulatory context

Publication Type: Popular-science publication (vulgarising publication) Authors: Jan Mast Source: (2019) Service:  Éléments traces et nanomatériaux Spoorelementen en nanomaterialen Trace elements and nanomaterials Full text language:  English Category:  F ...

ICP-MS: a promising tool in the detection and analysis of nanoparticles

België (2014) URL: http://www.afsca.be/laboratories/labinfo/_documents/2014-02_labinfo11-p18_en.pdf Keywords: analysis detection Field flow fractionation Nanoparticles Single particle ICP-MS Health ...

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