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Scientific opinion on the proposed amendment of the EU specifications for titanium dioxide (E 171) with respect to the inclusion of additional parameters related to its particle size distribution

Gundert‐Remy, Ursula; Husøy, Trine; Mennes, Wim; Peter Moldeus; Agneta Oskarsson; Rainieri, Sandra; Shah, Romina; Waalkens‐Berendsen, Ine; Wölfle, Detlef; Gaffet, Eric; Jan Mast; Peters, Ruud; Rincon, Ana Maria; ...

Distribution, elimination, and toxicity of silver nanoparticles and silver ions in rats after 28-day oral exposure.

Eric R; Jan Mast; Peters, Ruud J B; Hollman, Peter C H; Hendriksen, Peter J M; Marvin, Hans J P; Peijnenburg, Ad A C M; Bouwmeester, Hans Source: ACS Nano, Volume 6, Issue 8, p.7427-42 (2012) Keywords: ...

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