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Evaluation of the cryptococcal antigen test as a diagnostic tool of AIDS-associated cryptococcosis in Rwanda36642

patients persistence Print random Reproducibility of Results Retrospective Studies Rwanda Sample Samples SB- IM SCREENING SELECTED serum STANDARD study Surveillance Symptom Symptoms Test treatment Abstract: ...

Collaborative study of the analysis of chlortetracycline hydrochloride by liquid chromatography on polystyrene-divinylbenzene packing materials

method methods ON Polystyrenes Print relative Reproducibility Reproducibility of Results result results Sample Samples SB- IM study use Abstract: A previously established method for the analysis of ...

Physical profiling and IR spectroscopy: simple and effective methods to discriminate between genuine and counterfeit samples of Viagra® and Cialis®.

Drug Test Anal, Volume 8, Issue 3-4, p.378-87 (2016) Keywords: Counterfeit Drugs Drug Packaging Least-Squares Analysis Principal Component Analysis Reproducibility of Results Sildenafil Citrate ...

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