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Social integration of people with severe mental illness: A challenge for health care systems and policies

factors related to the organisation of services, systems and policies strongly influence the social integration of people with SMI. For better or for worse, social integration is not a clinical outcome, it ...

POWER TO CARE. De enquête naar het welzijn van zorgverleners, hulpverleners en mantelzorgers. Belangrijkste resultaten van de tweede nationale enquête, maart 2021

Sciensano, Brussels, Belgium, p.48 (2021) Accession Number: 121654131 Keywords: COVID-19 health care Health Care Sector Mental health Social Services Health Topics:  COVID-19 Quality of healthcare Qualité des ...

Stakeholder Coalitions and Priorities Around the Policy Goals of a Nation-Wide Mental Health Care Reform

Health and Mental Health Services Research, Volume 48, Issue 4 (2021) Keywords: Advocacy coalitions Health care reform HEALTH POLICY Mental health Stakeholders Abstract: The difculty of implementing mental ...

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