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Lack of nutrient declarations and low nutritional quality of pre-packaged foods sold in Guatemalan supermarkets.

many did not even provide any nutritional information. National regulations should consider making critical nutrient declarations (including trans-fats and sugars) mandatory for all products. Health ...

Chapter 10: HPV testing on cervical cancer specimens: which assay can be used in cervical cancer screening.

hrHPV mRNA tests with validated DNA tests. These reviews are updated and summarised in this chapter. The assays that can be considered as clinically validated are listed in Text Box 1: Standard comparator ...

Collaborative development of an innovative provocation protocol in studying electrohypersensitivity

2016). The nocebo effect could therefore explain the persistence or aggravation of the symptoms, but not their initial appearance (Dieudonné, 2016).  EHP request protocols that would fully consider the ...

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