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Arsenic Release from Foodstuffs upon Food Preparation.

Keywords: Animals Arsenic cooking Fishes Food Contamination Oryza seafood Vegetables Abstract: In this study the concentration of total arsenic (As) and arsenic species (inorganic As, arsenobetaine, ...

Evaluation of the migration of chemicals from baby bottles under standardised and duration testing conditions.

the reference experiment. Similar observations were made for the two sterilisation types: steam and cooking sterilisation. However, steam sterilisation seems to be more recommended for daily use of baby ...

Determination of acrylamide levels in selected foods in Brazil

and contaminants, Volume 24, Issue 3, Number 241, p.236- 241 (2007) ISBN: 0265-203X Keywords: Acrylamide at beer Brazilian foods Bread Carcinogen Categories Class Cooked foods Countries detection food ...

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