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The Importance of Quality Control of LSDV Live Attenuated Vaccines for Its Safe Application in the Field.

demonstrate the importance of a quality procedure via the evaluation of the LSD vaccine, Lumpivax (Kevevapi). The initial PCR screening revealed the presence of wild type LSD virus (LSDV) and goatpox virus ...

Overview of diagnostic tools for Capripox virus infections.

(Goatpox) with severe socio-economic impact in case of wide scale outbreaks. Therefore there is a constant need for adequate diagnostic tools. The assays must be fit-for-purpose to identify the virus quickly ...

Complete Genome Sequence of the Goatpox Virus Strain Gorgan Obtained Directly from a Commercial Live Attenuated Vaccine

Volume 4, Issue 5 (2016) Keywords: capripoxvirus complete genome goatpox virus gorgan strain GTPV Health Topics:  Animal health Santé animale Diergezondheid Manuscript versions:  DOI:  ...

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