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Rapport annuel- registre belge des maladies neuromusculaires 2015

patient file in every reference center. The results show that some centers should improve the quality of the registration process. In the future, some of the data may directly be registered by the patient ...

Early stages of building a rare disease registry, methods and 2010 data from the Belgian Neuromuscular Disease Registry (BNMDR).

Belgian Neuromuscular Disease Registry, commissioned in 2008, aims to collect data to improve knowledge on neuromuscular diseases and enhance quality health services for neuromuscular disease patients. This ...

The Belgian Neuromuscular Disease Registry (BNMDR) 2013 | Results and Trends since 2010

population and the target population. However, since its inception, the BNMDR continues each year to improve data quality and the completeness of the registry and to track the evolution of NMD over time. ...

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