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laboratory infection

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Cefotaxime therapy of serious infections with multiresistant gram-negative bacilli36603

RENAL, Respiratory, Respiratory Tract Infections, SB- IM, septicemia, therapeutic use, Therapy, Tobramycin, Urinary, urinary tract, urinary tract infection, Urinary Tract Infections Abstract: 33 patients ...

Clinical and pharmacological evaluation of different preparations of oral erythromycin36591

Studies Haemophilus Haemophilus influenzae Humans im INFECTION infections IS IT journal LEVEL levels Meal ON pathogen Patient patients Print Respiratory Respiratory Tract Infections result results SB- IM ...

Helminth-induced IL-4 expands bystander memory CD8 T cells for early control of viral infection.

expand CD44CD62LCXCR3CD49 d T cells through direct IL-4 signaling in CD8 T cells. Importantly, helminth-mediated conditioning of T cells provided enhanced control of acute respiratory infection with the ...

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