Characterization of Selenaion koniopes n. gen., n. sp., an amoeba that represents a new major lineage within heterolobosea, isolated from the Wieliczka salt mine31206

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A new heterolobosean amoeba, Selenaion koniopes n. gen., n. sp., was isolated from 73 per thousand saline water in the Wieliczka salt mine, Poland. The amoeba had eruptive pseudopodia, a prominent uroid, and a nucleus without central nucleolus. Cysts had multiple crater-like pore plugs. No flagellates were observed. Transmission electron microscopy revealed several typical heterolobosean features: flattened mitochondrial cristae, mitochondria associated with endoplasmic reticulum, and an absence of obvious Golgi dictyosomes. Two types of larger and smaller granules were sometimes abundant i…

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