Differences in Antigenic Structure of Inactivated Polio Vaccines Made From Sabin Live-Attenuated and Wild-Type Poliovirus Strains: Impact on Vaccine Potency Assays.

Last updated on 10-2-2022 by Alexandre Dobly

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BACKGROUND: Following the declaration of wild-type 2 poliovirus eradication in 2015, the type 2 component was removed from the live-attenuated oral polio vaccine (OPV). This change implies a need to improve global coverage through routine immunization with inactivated polio vaccine (IPV), to ensure type 2 immunity. Several manufacturers use Sabin OPV strains for IPV production (sIPV), rather than the usual wild-type strains used for conventional IPV (cIPV). However, in contrast to cIPV, potency assays for sIPV have not been standardized, no international references exist, and no antigen uni…

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