Epidemiological study of bovine norovirus infection by RT-PCR and a VLP-based antibody ELISA.

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Noroviruses, belonging to the family Caliciviridae, have been identified in human beings and in several animal species including cattle. The distribution of bovine norovirus infections was investigated by both RT-PCR to detect norovirus genomes and a virus-like particles-based ELISA to detect genotype 2 bovine norovirus antibodies. During a 1-year systematic study, a virus prevalence of 7.5% (CI 95%: [3.7; 13.4%]) (10 out of 133 samples) was found in stool samples from diarrhoeic calves screened by RT-PCR. Nucleotide sequencing performed on the polymerase region classified all the norovirus…

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