The immunodominant T-cell epitopes of the mycolyl-transferases of the Antigen 85 complex of M. tuberculosis34076

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Huygen, K


The Ag85 complex is a 30-32 kDa family of three proteins (Ag85A, Ag85B, and Ag85C), which all three possess enzymatic mycolyl-transferase activity involved in the coupling of mycolic acids to the arabinogalactan of the cell wall and in the biogenesis of cord factor. By virtue of their strong potential to induce Th1-type immune responses, important for the control of intracellular infections, members of the Ag85 family rank among the most promising TB vaccine candidate antigens. Ag85A and Ag85B, initially purified from Mycobacterium bovis bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG)/Mycobacterium tubercul…

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