The use of spa and phage typing for characterization of a MRSA population in a Belgian hospital: comparison between 2002 and 200736895

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TARGET OF THE STUDY: Strain typing of pathogens is essential to pinpoint the sources and routes of transmission and to forecast future trends. In a general hospital, we studied possible changes in the MRSA population. PATIENTS AND METHODS: MRSA isolates received from a Belgian general hospital, during 2002 (n=150) and the second half of 2007 (n=105), were compared by phage and spa typing. RESULTS: In 2002, [J]* phage types characterized 45% of the MRSA isolates, 13% belonged to the [O]* phage types, 12% to a local phage type 29/42E/54/D11* and 28% were not assigned to a defined group. Thirt…

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