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Performance of five rapid serological tests in mild-diseased subjects using finger prick blood for exposure assessment to SARS-CoV-2.

Robben; Pieter Pannus; Kristof Neven; Dirk Ramaekers; Steven Van Gucht; Katelijne Dierick; Nele Van Loon; Maria Goossens; I Desombere Source: J Clin Virol, Volume 142 (2021) Keywords: Antibodies, Viral ...

Belgian recommendations for analytical verification and validation of immunohistochemical tests in laboratories of anatomic pathology

Publication Type: Sci. report, recommendat°, guidance doc., directive, monograph Authors: H. Verbeke; D. Van Hecke; C. Bauraing; A.M. Dierick; O. Colleye; I. Dalle; K. Dewachter; Y. Guiot; R. ...

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