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Burden of non-communicable disease studies in Europe: a systematic review of data sources and methodological choices

Paul, Hynds; Gaetano, Isola; S, Jakobsen,; Zubair, Kabir; Kristin, Knudsen,; Meriç, Konar,; Carina, Ladeira; Aaron, Liew; Marjeta, Majer; A, Mechili,; Vildan, Mevsim; Santric, Milicevic,; Louise, ...

Methodological considerations in injury burden of disease studies across Europe: a systematic literature review

Katarzyna, Kissimova-Skarbek; Kristin, Knudsen,; Meriç, Konar,; Carina, Ladeira; Brian, Lassen; Aaron, Liew; Marjeta, Majer; A., Mechili,; Alibek, Mereke; Lorenzo, Monasta; Stefania, Mondello; Nazaré, ...

Transitions and trajectories in frailty states over time: a systematic review of the European Joint Action ADVANTAGE.

Carcaillon-Bentata, Laure; Beltzer, Nathalie; Kennelly, Siobhán; Liew, Aaron Source: Ann Ist Super Sanita, Volume 54, Issue 3 (2018) Keywords: Adult Aged Aged, 80 and over Disease Progression Europe Female Frail ...

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