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Seroprevalence and risk factors related to small ruminant lentivirus infections in Belgian sheep and goats.

about flock size, animal health condition, age, flock constitution and housing conditions. Samples were collected from maximum 7 animals per farm and tested in a commercial ELISA. In total, we received ...

A dynamic model to calculate cadmium concentrations in bovine tissues from basic soil characteristics.

drinking water, sampled at the farms were the bovines were reared. Validation of the model occurred with a second set of measured tissue Cd concentrations of 93 bovines of which age and farm location were ...

Development of immunocompetence of broiler chickens.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Jan Mast; Goddeeris, B M Source: Vet Immunol Immunopathol, Volume 70, Issue 3-4 (1999) Keywords: Aging Animals Antigens, CD57 Chick Embryo ...

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