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Transcriptional profiling of a laboratory and clinical Mycobacterium tuberculosis strain suggests respiratory poisoning upon exposure to delamanid

Source: Tuberculosis, Volume 117 (2019) Keywords: Delamanid Mycobacterium tuberculosis RNA sequencing Transciptomics Abstract: Tuberculosis (TB) is the most deadly infectious disease worldwide. To reduce TB ...

RNA-based drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

v and clinical Mtb strains on ten anti- TB drugs including Bedaquiline, Pyrazinamide and Delamanid was determined, to identify RNA Biomarkers. In a next phase, the RNA-based DST was developed in 96 well ...

Transcriptional profiling of Mycobacterium tuberculosis suggests respiratory poisoning upon exposure to delamanid

to a pressure of the recently approved delamanid is investigated. Total RNA sequencing revealed that the response to this bicyclic nitroimidazole shows many similarities with pretomanid, an ...

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