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Large diversity of linezolid-resistant isolates discovered in food-producing animals through linezolid selective monitoring in Belgium in 2019

Argudín, Maria A; Deplano, Ariane; Hallin, Marie; P Wattiau; Fretin, David; Denis, Olivier; Boland, Cécile Source: Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, Volume 77, Issue 1 (2021) Manuscript versions:  DOI:  ...

Surveillance of antimicrobial resistant bacteria in Belgian hospitals: Report 2019-2020

Publication Type: Sci. report, recommendat°, guidance doc., directive, monograph Authors: Katrien Latour; Denis, Olivier; Goossens, Herman; Huang, Te-Din; Matheeussen, Veerle; Yin, Nicolas Source: ...

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