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SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence among nursing home residents and staff in Belgium- Results visit 1- Februari 2021

Publication Type: Sci. report, recommendat°, guidance doc., directive, monograph Authors: Meyers, Eline; Deschepper, Ellen; Els Duysburgh; De Rop, Liselore; Deburghgraeve, Tine; Van Ngoc, Pauline; Di Gregorio, Marina; Delogne, Simon; Coen, Anja; De Clercq ...

All-cause mortality supports the COVID-19 mortality in Belgium and comparison with major fatal events of the last century.

COVID-19 epidemic as a fatal event. Health Topics:  Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus Service:  Épidémiologie des maladies infectieuses Epidemiologie van infectieziekten Epidemiology of infectious diseases ...

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