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Decreasing rates of major lower-extremity amputation in people with diabetes but not in those without: a nationwide study in Belgium.

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Claessen, Heiner; Avalosse, Herve; Guillaume, Joeri; Narres, Maria; Kvitkina, Tatjana; Arend, Werner; Morbach, Stephan; Lauwers, Patrick; Nobels, Frank; Boly, Jacques; Van Hul, Chris; Doggen, Kri ...

What determines inclusion in the early phase of the type 2 diabetes care trajectory in Belgium?

those who are able to make progress in their disease trajectories. In the future, more attention could be paid to also include more high-risk patients. Health Topics:  Diabète Diabetes Service:  Étude des ...

IKED-Voet: implementatie van een kwaliteitsbevorderend initiatief in de Belgische diabetische voetklinieken

Publication Type: Non-peer reviewed scientific publication Authors: Kris Doggen; Kristien Van Acker; Hilde Beele; Isabelle Dumont; Patricia Félix; Patrick Lauwers; Astrid Lavens; Giovanni Matricali; Caren Randon; Eric Weber; Viviane Van Casteren; Frank No ...

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