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Calculation of the decision limit (CCalpha) and the detection capability (CCbeta) for banned substances: the imperfect marriage between the quantitative and the qualitative criteria.

2002/657/ EC. In this document it is mentioned that also qualitative criteria should be fulfilled. Therefore, the calculated CC alpha and CC beta must be verified by using fortified samples. The method should ...

Fat soluble vitamin intake from the consumption of food, fortified food and supplements: design and methods of the belgian Vitadek-study

Publication Type: Peer reviewed scientific article Authors: Isabelle Moyersoen; Stefaan Demarest; Sarah Bel; Karin De Ridder; Jean Tafforeau Source: Archives of Public Health (2017) Keywords: Food ...

Intake of Fat-Soluble Vitamins in the Belgian Population: Adequacy and Contribution of Foods, Fortified Foods and Supplements

Carl Source: Nutrients, Volume 9, Issue 8 (2017) Keywords: Food intake Vitamin D Vitamins Health Topics:  Food consumption and food safety Consommation et sécurité alimentaires Voedselconsumptie en ...

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