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Printed paper and board food contact materials as a potential source of food contamination.

(77%) considered non-evaluated in terms of potential toxicity. Based on a preliminary study of their physicochemical properties, it is estimated that most of the non-evaluated single substances have the ...

Migration of 17 Photoinitiators from Printing Inks and Cardboard into Packaged Food- Results of a Belgian Market Survey

determination of photoinitiators in dry foodstuffs is described: benzophenone (BP), 4,4′‐bis(diethylamino)benzophenone (DEAB), 2‐chloro‐9H‐thioxanthen‐9‐one (CTX), 1‐chloro‐4‐ropoxy‐9H‐thioxanthen‐9‐one (CPTX), ...

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